Chartering a yacht is a highly bespoke service, with every charter specifically tailored to meet each individual charterers exacting request.

Available worldwide, you can experience an array of exotic and exclusive destinations. Top chefs are oboard for the duration of each charter serving up the most exquisite food, equalling that found in the worlds finest restaurants. The highly experienced captain and their discreet charter crew are on hand 24hrs a day to deliver a service rivalling that of any top hotel. Perfect for all occasions, charters can be used to commemorate a vast array of celebrations, including birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. They can be used for family adventures or adult only experiences and will create the perfect backdrop for corporate events.

Chartering can also be an excellent choice if you are considering purchasing a yacht, as it gives you the ability to ‘test drive’ many different styles and brands, highlighting those features which may or may not be suitable for your needs, leading you to move towards your purchase with confidence.

Let the Aresteas Yachting team create your dream experience.

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